Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Sydney and I shared a wonderful Easter with our family. It is a family tradition that every holiday we have lunch on sunday at Uncle Tim's shop with the family and we did this after church on Easter sunday. Well, Sydney and I didn't quite make it to church on Sunday because we had a wardrobe malfunction on sunday morning when we were trying to get Sydney in her Easter dress. I had found this beautiful easter dress but failed to try it on because "I just knew it would fit" but I couldn't even squeeze it together to zip so unfortunately we missed church on Easter sunday and I had no photos of Sydney in her easter dress....:( Afater lunch we always have an easter egg hunt with all the kids, and that is always alot of fun to watch especailly year after year as the kids get older they seem to get the idea of finding the eggs and really are excited about what is inside. Sydney did so well, she found lots of eggs and was very excited that some of the eggs had money inside. After the egg hunt we went home and I relaxed on the couch and Sydney played some computer games.....Just nice to get out of the 90degree weather we had on Easter Sunday.

The Easter Bunny has been....

Sydney is very exctied about the Princess Tiana doll that Easter Bunny brought her.

"Oh cool Mommy....finger nail polish"

She is getting ready to tear into her chocolate bunny...YYUUMMYY!!!

She wanted me to take a pictuere of how princess Tiana's dress lights up....her favorite part of the doll...

Getting ready to ride in the car behind the golf cart...all the kids togetherr on easter sunday....I absolutely love Hunters face in this picture!

Trying to get all the kids pictures together with Rufie before heading out on the hunt.

Sydney is in hot pursuit of some Easter Eggs

I am preety sure she is going for that hot pink egg. We had to talk about the goals of easter egg hunting because when she did her hunt with her kindergarten class, she would run and skip over lots of eggs to pick up certain color eggs, I explained to her that the goal is to just collect eggs no matter what color because they all have candy. But she wanted just pink and purple eggs, "Girly Color eggs".

Blowing bubbles together after our easter egg hunt.

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